Football in UK

Football in UK

UK has several major football competitions played throughout the year, where football clubs compete for the top spots and qualifications for international league la Champions League or Europa League. Premier League is the main championship in UK, and together with more lower ranking competitions and cups, football fans are kept busy during the football season.

Football fans can now stay up-to-date with matches in all UK competitions, results and rankings, using a simple mobile app covering UK football. Among the competitions with quick access from the “UK Football” mobile app are Premier League, FA Cup, League One, League Two, National Conference, League Cup, Scotish Premiership, Welsh Premier League, N Ireland Premiership.

The mobile app is available for download for free from the Google Play store and iOS App Store.

Android App

With this mobile app, UK football fans can keep track of all matches played, details results, upcoming matches, league rankings and more. European and International competitions are also available from the All Competitions menu. The data is provided by the top soccer statistics website SoccerStats247.

Below we have a table with latest match fixtures from Premier League, with teams playing, date and stadium:

Brighton vs Southampton
Aston Villa vs Newcastle
Manchester City vs Fulham
West Ham vs Manchester Utd
West Brom vs Crystal Palace
Liverpool vs Wolves
Chelsea vs Leeds
Burnley vs Everton
Wolves vs Aston Villa
Southampton vs Sheffield Utd

Advanced betting markets are also available on all of these matches with regulated online betting websites like Unibet or Bet365. We do recommend restrain in betting in order to avoid developing a gambling problem.

For many, football is a way of life, and one of the most viewed sport on TV. Needless to say that football is also a business like no other, with losers and winners, with million euros transfers in order to build a winning team format that would bring in back TV rights and advertising deals, fans on the stadium and money from national and international competitions. With the European football market worth 25.5 billion Euro as estimated by Deloitte, there is no wonder that more and more people are turning their heads to this sport.

Whether you’re a fan looking to follow on your favourite team meetings or sports enthusiast looking for the overall results and trends, the mobile apps presented above offer you a quick access to football in UK.