Bookmaker Margin / Fair Odds Bet Calculator

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Bookmaker Margin Bet Guide

Both online bookmakers and street betting shops price their betting odds in a way that allows them to keep a profit margin from the overall betting market. It is similar to casino games where there is a house hold.

For example, for a 2 bets market like Over/Under 2.5 goals, a bookmaker may be offering odds at 1/2 for Over 2.5 goals and odds at 3/2 for Under 2.5 goals. These odds would give the bookmaker a 6.67% hold on the total amount bet on the Over/Under 2.5 goals market. Therefore, the bookmaker would win no matter the outcome of the event. This is the main idea, without going into too many details. Something similar a punter can obtain by sure betting, a strategy which lowers risks of betting to the point of making a guaranteed profit irregardless of the result.

The Bookmaker Margin calculator lest users easily calculate what the bookmaker is holding as their profit on any given market. By simply inputing the bookmaker odds in respective fields, the punter would instantly receive the implied probability used by the sportsbook for each selection and the fair odds (with no margin) as well. Just at the bottom of the calculator, a bookmaker hold or vig is shown as a percentage value. If the value is positive, that is the value the bookmaker holds on the selected betting market. Should the value be negative, the bookmaker is risking money – but such cases do not occur.