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Each Way Bet Guide

An each way bet (EW bet) is a form of sports gambling in which punters place two bets at once on both the outcome and place for selections in an event – typically horse racing but also applicable for golf and tennis betting.

Bettor looking to place an each way bet must select an event, horse race or player of interest and place both bets: to win it outright as well as place. Place wagers typically pay out less depending on participant numbers and any particular rules of competition.

Imagine this: an individual places an each way bet on a horse race featuring 10 participants and bets £10 to win at odds of 5/1 and £10 for placing at odds of 2/1; should their pick win, their payout would total £90 (£10 stake + £50 winnings from Win bet + £10 stake and £20 winnings on Place bet); should it finish second or third place, however, place bet only netted them £30 (£10 stake + £20 winnings).

Each way bets have become increasingly popular among bettors looking to diversify their bets while potentially earning payouts even if their selection does not win an event. Unfortunately, this requires an increased initial stake capital as two bets must be placed instead of just one.

In conclusion, Each Way bets are an innovative form of sports gambling that involve betting both the outcome and position of an event selection, offering the possibility of earning payouts even if your win bet does not succeed (although initial stake might be higher compared with simple win bets). Most commonly seen used with horse racing but they also find use with golf and tennis betting.