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Odds Conversion Bet Guide

When you are placing bets at online bookmakers or brick-and-mortar betting shops, events are listed along with betting odds based on the implied probabilities of winning. In regular betting shops sporting events are listed only with odds in the format popular for that specific country. For example, within the United Kingdom, all betting odds listed at street betting shops are in Fractional format (UK fractions betting odds). If one would travel to mainland Europe, these betting odds would be published in decimal format (EU decimal betting odds). US bookmakers have their own betting odds format, known as US American betting odds.

With online sports betting websites, these odds are available in various formats, so a user can easily select the format that makes more sense to him/her.

Nevertheless, all these betting odds are easily convertible from one format to another. Various formulas and rules are applied to these conversions, but for the ease of use we have developed the above betting odds converter tool to calculate quickly odds in 6 different formats and also find their implied probability (odds shown in percentage as probable outcome used by the bookmakers).

UK – EU betting odds conversion

To convert between UK and EU odds, please use the following formulas:

  • UK to EU conversion: divide fraction, then result + 1 = EU odds
  • EU to UK conversion: EU odds − 1, then convert to fraction to get UK odds

UK – US betting odds conversion

To convert between UK and US odds, please use the following formulas:

  • UK to US conversion: divide fraction, then 100x if result ≥ 1; or −100/x if result < 1
  • US to UK conversion: US odds / 100 if US odds > 0; or −100 / US odds if US odds < 0

UK – Percentage betting odds conversion

To convert between UK odds and percentage (the implied probability), please use the following formulas:

  • UK to Percentage conversion: transform UK odds to decimal (divide UK fraction + 1), then divide 1 to the decimal value and the result multiply with 100
  • Percentage to UK conversion: (1 – Percentage value divided by 100), divided to Percentage value divided by 100, and then transform to fraction (multiply by 100)