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Patent Bet Guide

Patent Bet is an increasingly popular form of sports betting which involves placing bets on three events or games simultaneously, similar to Trixie betting; however, its main difference lies in offering single bets alongside double and treble odds for greater combinations and flexibility than its counterpart.

Bettors attempting a Patent bet must select three events or games and place individual bets on each of them, in total creating seven combinations – the bettor wins if at least one event succeeds; should all three turn profitable then even more winning payouts could come their way!

Imagine this: A bettor places three Patent bets across three horse races. They each wager £10 on Horse A to win at odds of 2/1; in Race 2, £10 will be betted on Horse B to win with odds of 3/2; finally in Race 3 they bet £10 on Horse C to win with odds of 1/1; their Patent bet consists of three single bets on each Horse (Horse A, Horse B, Horse C, three double bets consisting of £10 between each pair (Horses AB, BC, AC), and one Treble (Horses A, B, C); should all three successful bets they would yield substantial winnings! If there is any successful wager – it will yield payouts; all three bets would yield even larger returns!

Patent bets offer even greater combinations and flexibility than Trixie bets, yet require even higher initial investments as bettors are placing seven separate bets simultaneously instead of just four. They still give experienced gamblers an opportunity for potential payouts while providing some risk control measures.

Patent Bets are an innovative form of sports gambling which involve placing bets on three events or games combined into seven combinations at the same time, providing greater versatility than Trixie bets while still requiring significant initial investments; experienced bettors frequently employ Patent bets as an option to earn payouts while controlling risk levels.