Union Jack Patent Bet Calculator

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Union Jack Patent Bet Guide

The Union Jack Patent Bet is an innovative form of sports betting which incorporates elements from both Union Jack bet and Patent bet patterns into one wager, selecting nine distinct selections across three events or games and placing bets on every possible combination between those nine selections.

To place a Union Jack Patent Bet, bettors must make nine individual selections across three events or games and arrange their bets into three horizontal lines and three vertical columns to resemble the British flag – three selections representing three unique bets each time!

The Union Jack Patent Bet includes 56 bets: 3 singles, 15 doubles and 20 trebles along with 18 additional bets covering any combination of two, three, or four selections within its Union Jack pattern. Bettor must place equal stakes on all 56 bets placed.

Example: Assume a bettor selects nine tennis matches to place Union Jack Patent Bets on. These would each be organized like rows and columns on an American flag with three matches occupying each row and column respectively – providing 56 possible combinations amongst all nine selections.

Union Jack Patent Bets offer high potential returns with increased risks due to their large number of bets and possible outcomes, but can also offer potentially greater returns than traditional wagers due to their greater number. Even one successful outcome out of 56 bets could yield rewards, with all 56 successful outcomes potentially yielding even larger prizes; these wagers combine high potential returns as well as potentially riskier outcomes than conventional bets can provide.

Conclusion: The Union Jack Patent Bet is an exciting and complex form of sports betting which involves selecting nine selections over three events or games and betting every possible combination in accordance with a Union Jack pattern, creating 56 bets total. Although this form offers high potential returns with limited risk due to all 56 bets being placed simultaneously, experienced punters with an aptitude for taking greater levels of risk can gain the most from trying this approach as it offers high payout potential combined with low levels of risk involved.