Athletic Club and Granada CF Share Spoils in Hard-Fought Draw

The La Liga encounter between Athletic Club and Granada CF ended in a 1-1 draw on April 19, 2024, showcasing a tightly contested battle that captivated fans until the final whistle. Despite both teams’ efforts to clinch a win, they had to settle for a point each in a match filled with intense moments and critical plays.

Match Report

First Half

The game kicked off to an energetic start, with both teams eager to assert their dominance early on. The match’s first significant moment came in the 6th minute when Athletic Club’s Iñaki Williams unfortunately directed the ball into his own net, giving Granada CF an unexpected lead. This own goal set the tone for what was to become a challenging game for the home side.

Athletic Club’s resolve was tested early, but they responded with determination. Amidst a series of fouls and interruptions, Athletic Club found their rhythm. The 24th minute marked a turning point when Gorka Guruzeta brilliantly equalized with a right-footed shot that found the top right corner, reigniting the home crowd’s hopes.

Second Half

The second half saw both teams return to the pitch with renewed vigor, each looking to take the lead. Substitutions made by both sides indicated their intention to refresh their tactics and inject new energy into the match. Athletic Club, in particular, made strategic changes, bringing on Ander Herrera and Alex Berenguer to bolster their midfield and attack.

Despite several attempts from both teams to tilt the scoreline in their favor, including close misses by Iñaki Williams for Athletic Club and Myrto Uzuni for Granada CF, neither side could break the deadlock. The match saw its fair share of yellow cards, indicative of the competitive nature of the clash. Ander Herrera and Óscar De Marcos were among those booked for Athletic Club, while Bruno Méndez and Antonio Puertas received cautions for Granada CF.

Final Moments

As the match neared its conclusion, the intensity on the pitch reached a fever pitch. Athletic Club pressed hard in search of a winner, resulting in a flurry of corners and free kicks but to no avail. Granada CF, holding firm, managed to fend off the late surge, ensuring the match ended in a draw.


The final whistle marked the end of a hard-fought encounter with both Athletic Club and Granada CF sharing the spoils. The 1-1 draw reflects the evenly matched performance from both teams, leaving fans and neutrals alike appreciative of the competitive spirit displayed. With this result, both teams look forward to building on their performances as they continue their campaigns in La Liga.

La Liga The article provides a retrospective on all the main events from the football match between Ath Bilbao and Granada CF played on 2024-04-19, in La Liga Spain. This match recap is provided in a manner to bring up to date all football fans which missed the live game with what happened during the 90 minute Ath Bilbao – Granada CF match.