Empoli Shocks Napoli with a Narrow Victory

Match Summary

In an unexpected turn of events, Empoli managed to secure a 1-0 win against Napoli in their latest Serie A encounter on April 20, 2024. The match, held in Italy, was a nail-biter till the end, as Empoli clung onto their early lead to claim all three points.

Match Highlights

Early Lead

The tone for the match was set early on when Alberto Cerri found the back of the net in the 4th minute, giving Empoli an early lead. A perfectly timed cross from Emmanuel Gyasi allowed Cerri to head the ball into the left corner, catching the Napoli defense off-guard. This early goal proved to be the decisive moment in a match that saw Empoli take a defensive stance for the remainder of the game.

Napoli’s Quest for Equalizer

Napoli responded aggressively to the early setback, creating numerous chances and pushing Empoli’s defense to its limits. Despite their efforts, including shots from Victor Osimhen, Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, and Matteo Politano, Napoli found themselves frustrated by a well-organized Empoli defense and some crucial blocks. Napoli’s attempts were further hampered by a series of fouls that broke the flow of their game, leading to several yellow cards throughout the match.

Defensive Resilience

Empoli displayed remarkable defensive resilience, managing to keep Napoli at bay through strategic fouls and effective blocks. Giuseppe Pezzella and Bartosz Bereszynski received yellow cards for their fouls, highlighting Empoli’s physical approach to disrupting Napoli’s rhythm. Despite facing immense pressure, Empoli’s defense, led by goalkeeper Elia Caprile, remained impenetrable, securing a clean sheet and a memorable victory.

Final Moments

As the match neared its conclusion, Napoli intensified their attacks, but Empoli’s defense stood firm, with Cyril Ngonge of Napoli receiving a yellow card in the final minutes for his frustration. Empoli managed to withstand the added time pressure, concluding the match with a 1-0 victory as the final whistle blew.


This unexpected victory for Empoli shakes up the Serie A standings, with Napoli missing an opportunity to gain important points. Empoli’s triumph demonstrates their capability to contend with top-tier teams, instilling confidence in the squad for their upcoming fixtures.

Looking Ahead

Both teams will look to build on this match as they advance through the season – Napoli aiming to bounce back and regain their form, while Empoli will seek to maintain their momentum. The outcome of this match adds an intriguing layer to the Serie A campaign, promising an exciting finish to the season.

Serie A The article provides a retrospective on all the main events from the football match between Empoli and Napoli played on 2024-04-20, in Serie A Italy. This match recap is provided in a manner to bring up to date all football fans which missed the live game with what happened during the 90 minute Empoli – Napoli match.