How to Predict Football Results

While it is the most popular and most watched sport in the world, football comes with no straightforward way in predicting its results. There are many cases where you would like to know the final result, whether it is for a fun bet with friends or a stake at the betting shop. Getting the right choice can mean the difference between going home early or having one more beer paid by your friend.

Firstly, as there is no secure way in predicting football results, we recommend checking football statistics, available from many resources. The website at offers various statistics organized in such a manner that are easy to read and understand, and with many of them built around helping users making a selection in terms of final outcomes, whether it is for winner of the match, number of goals or goal scorers. Data offered here is available for free, so there is no reason not to check on these stats.

Furthermore, the website also offers a football prediction section, where the system makes use of many past and present statistics to come up with a prediction for matches in many soccer leagues. The system learns from all results and improves by day.

But even with all this data on hand, getting the results right is not guaranteed, as surprises are part of life in any sport. So is for placing a bet on football matches, as a wrong prediction will bring losses. If you are to take this path of betting on football, it is advisable that you register and play with online bookmakers licensed by the Gambling Commission in UK.

The OnlineSportsBetting.Guide offers a list of online betting options for UK, along with editorial reviews and ratings from real users. If predicting football results is not 100% guaranteed, there is no reason for choosing a bad online bookmaker when there are comments and opinions from punters in UK about various online betting options for both football and other sports.

Just make sure betting does not affect your life and set limits to protect your finances. There are local helplines which can help you in keeping problem gambling under control or even self-exclusion programs like GamStop.