Latest Lottery Results & Jackpot Prizes

🟢 Check on this page for the latest lottery results from national lottery games in Europe. The lottery is one of the most popular forms of games of chance, mostly run as a state monopoly. Besides providing customers in a country with an entertaining game played at predefined weekly intervals, lotteries are also offering the chance of winning some of the highest jackpot prizes. Lotteries are also a source of funds for various national investments like cultural support, but this varies largely from a country to another.

Lottery Results and Jackpot Prizes in Europe

ResultsDraw Date
Lotto Austria14;19;28;32;40;42 + 122/05/2024 16:47 GMT
La Primitiva Spain14;19;28;32;40;42 + 123/05/2024 19:40 GMT
Lotto Germany14;19;28;32;40;42 + 122/05/2024 16:25 GMT
SuperEnalotto Italy14;19;28;32;40;42 + 124/05/2024 18:00 GMT
EuroMillions14;19;28;32;40;42 + 124/05/2024 19:00 GMT
El Gordo Spain14;19;28;32;40;42 + 119/05/2024 19:30 GMT
Loto 64/9 Romania14;19;28;32;40;42 + 123/05/2024 15:15 GMT
Loto France14;19;28;32;40;42 + 122/05/2024 18:35 GMT
Lotto Poland14;19;28;32;40;42 + 123/05/2024 19:50 GMT
BonoLoto Spain14;19;28;32;40;42 + 124/05/2024 19:30 GMT
SuperStar Italy14;19;28;32;40;42 + 124/05/2024 18:00 GMT
EuroJackpot14;19;28;32;40;42 + 124/05/2024 19:00 GMT
Hatoslotto HungaryComing Soon26/05/2024 14:00 GMT
Otoslotto HungaryComing Soon25/05/2024 16:45 GMT
Super Loto Ukraine14;19;28;32;40;42 + 122/05/2024 19:50 GMT
MillionDAY Italy14;19;28;32;40;42 + 125/05/2024 11:00 GMT
Mini Lotto Poland14;19;28;32;40;42 + 124/05/2024 19:50 GMT
Lotto Italy14;19;28;32;40;42 + 124/05/2024 18:00 GMT
Totoloto PortugalComing Soon25/05/2024 21:00 GMT
Loto Maxima Ukraine14;19;28;32;40;42 + 124/05/2024 19:50 GMT
Lotto Joker Romania14;19;28;32;40;42 + 123/05/2024 15:15 GMT

The results are updated on hourly basis to provide you with the latest data from lotto results from the time of drawings and jackpot prizes. The data is collected from various lottery providers and it may include errors. Please double-check with official lottery website of the country you are interested.

How to play the lottery?

The game of lottery follows the same rules everywhere is played, with small differences like the range of numbers for drawing and how many balls are drawn. The most common lottery type uses a range of 1 to 49 with 6 drawn numbers. Sometimes, a lotto may also include one or two jackpot numbers (these may be called power balls, joker or other ways). The jackpot numbers are drawn from a different category of numbers (the range is smaller in this case). Managing to correctly predict all the numbers and the power balls entitles the customer to claim the jackpot prize.

How are the jackpot prizes won?

When a customer correctly predicts all the drawn numbers together with the power balls, he/she can claim the jackpot prize. The jackpot available for winning is split in several categories, differentiated by the count of correctly predicted numbers. Customers in each category will share the prizepool available for that particular category. The more winning players there are in a category, the smaller the prize between all the winners. If there is no winner in a certain prizepool category, the value of the prizepool is rolled over to the next lottery drawing date, adding up to the winning value. This is how some larger lotteries like EuroMillions or US Mega Millions can reach prizepools of hundreds of millions of euros or dollars.

Can someone play with a lottery from another country?

The answer is yes. Anyone can okay the lottery of any country. However many times that person needs to be in that particular country to buy the lottery ticket from a local agency. In few of the cases, the lottery operator or an agent may offer the option to buy lottery tickets online, which eliminates the need to physically be in a certain country to play its lottery.

What other games are available at lottery operators?

National lottery operators may provide customers with more gaming options besides the lottery game itself. Among the most popular options are scratch cards (which may offer various prizes and up to 1-in-3 winning cards) or pool betting. Pool betting offers a range of football games for example from which the customer has to predict the 1x2 result. There is a prizepool which is shared among winning customers (the ones predicting all game results correctly). As you can see, pool betting is a mix between lottery prizepool style reward and accumulator betting available with all online sports betting agencies.

Lottery Results and Drawing dates

The table above lists various lotteries from Europe with their latest lotto results and last drawing dates. We also have the estimated jackpots for next lottery drawings. While this page is for European lottery games, those interested can also check for more lottery results from around the world on LottoStats247.